I F Y O U K N O W A N Y O N E can do

You the one for the mission

You the one for the mission

Hi, I think you know that is important Let others know about it Also let me know if anyone needs...

Your price: Ft1,000

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Földesi Julianna

on the air = Healthcare Telepathically-Also
online with Julianna F.
1039 Budapest, Hungary
Juhász Gyula street 32. 4. floor 14.
Matrix, 14

+36 30 687 4531
+36 1 247 8920
link with őrangyalok, istenek, mesterek

PACKING THE LETTER FROM ME = NO CUSTOM FEE You can call and write to me, but no other or wrong way to disturb me, please

Hívhatsz és írhatsz, különben ne zavarj kérlek